“Whenever we have engaged Zen Zen Zo for a Residency or Workshop, the students are amazed at what they can achieve, by the originality of their own work and the skills they can take back into the classroom to apply to their own forming work. The instructors are passionate about their craft and this is apparent to the students who strive to create exciting new work. I have found Zen Zen Zo to be a supportive, affordable and thoroughly professional company to work with.” 

— Linda Statham, Stuartholme School

All workshops are taught by TWO Zen Zen Zo Teaching-Artists to allow maximum interaction with your students. Our Teaching-Artists are passionate educators and professional artists with national and international performance and teaching experience.

DURATION:  70-90 minutes per workshop*
COST:            $16 per student (min 20 students – max 30)**


*You can choose the length of the workshop to suit your class duration. 

** Class sizes can be smaller, this is the minimum booking fee. 

Interstate and international bookings are priced separately, please email us to discuss.

BOOKINGS & ENQUIRIES: please contact Nicole Reilly on or 0431 322 774.

For Queensland teachers, we’ve got the NEW CURRICULUM all mapped out:


A series of exciting and challenging exercises which introduce the key performance skills of Energy, Focus, Physical and Ensemble Awareness. This is a must-do introduction to the wonderful world of physical theatre and will lay a perfect foundation for strong, dynamic performance work.


Students practically explore the language and methodologies for devising drawing from the Viewpoints system, with the workshop culminating in the creation of a short, dynamic physical theatre piece. The skills they gain will enable them to independently devise their own work with confidence in the future. Preferred prerequisite: Physical Theatre Basics.


Zen Zen Zo’s work has always been on the cutting edge of both Physical Theatre AND Contemporary Performance. This workshop introduces 3 fabulous approaches that unpack Contemporary Performance by exploring the post-modern conventions of Collaboration, Juxtaposition, Fragmentation of Time & Space, and Hybridisation. Preferred prerequisite: Devising Physical Theatre.


The Viewpoints is an extremely fun and dynamic training and creation method that focuses on communication and connecting the ensemble by awakening the students’ instincts through impulse work and play. It also provides a brilliant shared language from which to work when discussing and creating theatre.  This workshop focuses on applying the Viewpoints to ensemble improvisation.  Zen Zen Zo were the first practitioners to bring the Viewpoints from the USA to Australia (in 1998), so learn from the original experts in this field! 


A powerful introduction to heritage non-Western dramatic styles, this workshop explores the history and abstract/expressive movement from the Japanese Theatre, including Noh and Butoh. This workshop covers image work, mask work and character work.


This unique actor-training method draws from Japanese Martial Arts traditions and develops extraordinary energy, incredible focus and absolute commitment to performance allowing the students to discover the elusive concept of stage presence and develop their “inner warrior”.


Greek Theatre is big, bold, extreme and perfectly suited to physical theatre! This workshop will explore how to physically interpret classic Greek texts through choral movement and speaking, creating a heightened stage language, and a 4-step process for staging dynamic scenes using the physical and vocal viewpoints. Preferred prerequisite: Devising Physical Theatre.


Physical theatre as a style lends itself to bringing Shakespearean characters alive. This workshop will unpack 3 clear methods fir creating dynamic, heightened Shakespearean characters – using animals, image scores and the Viewpoints.


This workshop leads students through a step-by-step method to stage key scenes from your choice of Shakespeare’s plays. Drawing on physical theatre techniques and Zen Zen Zo’s unique methodology, we look at how to marry narrative with theatrical poetry to make Shakespeare accessible to high school students. Preferred prerequisite: Devising Physical Theatre.


The workshop looks at some of the central ideas in Brecht’s Epic Theatre including the Verfremdungseffekt or Alienation Effect. The aim is to make Brecht interesting and accessible through the techniques of Gestus, Montage, Transformation and the Breaking of the 4th Wall.