Zen Zen Zo’s popular Professional Development Workshops provide a practical insight into the dynamic world of Physical Theatre. Led by Zen Zen Zo Co-Founder Dr Lynne Bradley and Education Manager Nicole Reilly, the workshops are designed to train educators to teach physical theatre in secondary schools as well as engage teachers in an artistic and practical experience.

The PD Workshops will be offered at different times during the year (keep an eye on the Zen Zen Zo Facebook page) or can be booked for your department or cluster of schools in Brisbane, regional Queensland, or beyond.

The 6 workshops introduce Zen Zen Zo’s speciality training methods & styles:

  • The Viewpoints 

  • The Suzuki Method
  • Japanese Theatre (Butoh & Noh) 

  • Brecht & Physical Theatre 

  • Contemporary Performance 

  • Devising Theatre 

Each workshop can be taught in one day (9am – 5pm), or extended over two days to suit the school or community’s needs. 


  • A solid understand of each of these areas 

  • Many new exercises that can be taught in the classroom 

  • Forming, presenting and responding tasks 

  • Resources to support the students’ learning journey. 

COST (per participant per day): 
$190 Early Bird / $250 Full Fee

  • Early Bird Rate – if paid one month prior to the start date.
  • A minimum of 6 participants is required to run a PD workshop in your school/community.
  • Flights, accommodation and transport costs will also apply if you wish to bring us to your school/community in regional QLD or interstate.