The Zen Zen Zo aesthetic was forged partly from the ancient Asian dance-theatre traditions, where spirituality is at the fore, and partly in contemporary pop culture, where sound, light, movement and spectacle generate a visceral experience. Central to our work has also been the notion of “the carnivalesque” — the playful world of transgression and the grotesque, of inversion and the shadow.

This fusion of intercultural practice, visual theatre, and deep questioning about the human experience gives Zen Zen Zo its unique appeal, and continues to draw new audiences to the theatre.

“It is forbidden to walk on the grass. It is not forbidden to fly over the grass.”
– Augusto Boal

Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre Presents

For the Commonwealth Games Festival 2018


ALCHEMY is part of an ongoing collaboration between Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre and
renowned Australian composer-musicians Richard Grantham and Joshua Curtis.
ALCHEMY explores the ancient process of transforming base metal into gold, which is a
potent metaphor for the Commonwealth Games! As such, ALCHEMY celebrates the power of transformation and the journey towards realizing our full potential as human beings. The dancers move like shamans or spirit walkers along the path, weaving their way through the inspirational soundtrack, until they finally “spin out of nothingness scattering stars like dust” in the dramatic climax. This is a moving performance work that is a meditative homage to the long passage towards greatness.

“The highlight of Festival 2018 at Southbank, Brisbane, Zen Zen Zo’s ALCHEMY brings our imagination and our senses to life, melding startling original live musical – a living, breathing, beating heartscore – and ancient movement to stir our souls, light our hearts and transform our view of ourselves in the world.”
(Xanthe Coward – XS Entertainment)

Director:                      Lynne Bradley
Choreographers:        Lynne Bradley & Jamie Kendall
Composers:               Joshua Curtis, Iain Grandage & Richard Grantham
Costume Designers:  Bill Haycock, Kaylee Gannaway & Suzie Russell
Musician:                   Richard Grantham
Performers:                Jamie Kendall, Gina Tay Limpus, Travis Wesley
Producer:                   Simon Woods