The Actor’s Dojo: Weekly Classes 2020

DSC_2696 Actor (noun): A person who performs for an audience in theatre, film or television.

Dojo (noun): A (sacred) space where the physical arts are practiced, and mastery is attained. From the Japanese “Do” meaning “the Way” & “Jo” meaning “Place of Practice”



The core aims of  The Actor’s Dojo are to provide:

  • An artistic home or community for actors, physical theatre performers, dancers, directors, teachers and students who share a common vision.
  • Year-round training in a number of aligned areas/methods with the goal of producing a dynamic well-rounded performer (strong in their physical, vocal, mental and emotional skill-base).
  • A safe space where performing artists and arts students can work on their craft in an honest, open, rigorous environment – away from the commercial pressures of casting, rehearsals, and performance seasons.
  • Excellence across all the classes Zen Zen Zo offers – and a Teaching Team dedicated to creating a learning journey which will inspire, encourage, and aid participants to be the best version of themselves that they can be – both as artists and people.


Zen Zen Zo’s popular Actor Training has been running since 1996 and has been the training ground for many of Brisbane’s best actors. In the past 5 years alone, 12 members of THE ACTOR’S DOJO gained entry into major acting schools in Australia and abroad (including NIDA, WAAPA, VCA). 

The training draws on Zen Zen Zo’s four specialty areas, developed over 20 years of studying with the founders of these forms and teaching them all over the world – THE SUZUKI METHOD, VIEWPOINTS, BUTOH &COMPOSITION. 

The gift of THE ACTOR’S DOJO training for the Naturalistic Actor is a strong, resonant body-voice greater physical awareness, embodiment and the ability to transform physically for the purpose of developing characters.

For the Physical Theatre Performer the training cultivates stage presence, physical energy and dynamism, vocal quality and range, deep focus and presence, ensemble awareness and imagination.


THE ACTOR’S DOJO is also home to directors, dancers, teachers, musicians, performance poets, university & school students, and even the occasional politician! It is an inclusive and supportive space that welcomes anyone who wants to challenge themselves, develop their creativity, engage in professional and personal transformation and growth.
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Former Actor’s Dojo student Michelle Lamarca had this to say in XS Entertainment about her time in the Advanced Class: Michelle Lamarca does Zen Zen Zo

DAY:Mondays (4 Terms)
TIME:6pm-7.30pm  (Beginners-Intermediate)
7.30pm-9pm (Advanced Ensemble)
VENUE:Judith Wright Centre, Fortitude Valley
(Expressions Dance Studio)
TERMS:T1: 3 Feb-23 Mar
T2: 27 Apr-22 June (excluding 4 May)
T3: 20 July-7 Sept
T4: 12 Oct- 30 Nov
COST:$200 Concession / $230 Adults (per 8-week term)
+ one-off $10 registration fee for newcomers
Actor’s Dojo Annual Membership
(includes STAGES PROGRAM participation)
$650 Concession/ $750 Adult
+ one-off $10 registration fee for newcomers
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Click here to view Terms & Conditions of the Training Centre. Should you choose to enrol in any Training Centre program, these T&Cs will apply. 

To download the Actor’s Dojo Ensemble Text, please click the link below:
Training Ensemble Text

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