In The Company of Shadows

ITCOS_7“When I sleep I dream strange, unspeakable things. When I wake, I cannot do them, so I dance them…”
MARO Akaji (Dairakudakan) 

“Inspired by Japanese butoh performance, burlesque, cabaret, contemporary dance and performance art, Zen Zen Zo mix it all together and produce their own brand of entertainment. It’s a style that’s brave, unapologetic, a little bit crazy and completely captivating for the audience. 5 Stars” (Kelly Apter – The Scotsman)

In April 2016 Zen Zen Zo debuted our latest work, In the Company of Shadows. A co-production with QUT Precincts and in collaboration with Dairakudakan & the Deep Blue Orchestra, this innovative contemporary performance piece invited an intimate audience of 4 patrons at a time to join us for a Sleepover, during which time they journeyed (on a king-sized bed!) through a surreal night of dreams, fantasies and nightmares. Each intimate audience pre-selected the tone of their night’s dreaming – playful & edgy OR sensual & sublime… Featuring 11 Zen Zen Zo performers, 1 Dairakudakan dancer, and 4 Deep Blue Orchestra musicians, this innovative new work took intimate and immersive theatre to a whole new level!

Director: Lynne Bradley
Designer: Bill Haycock
Lighting Designer: David Walters
Musical Director: Wayne Jennings
Multimedia Designer: Nevin Howell
Choreographers: Lynne Bradley, Melissa Budd, Drew der Kinderen & Yuyama Daiichiro
Dates: Wed 6 – Sat 9 April
Times: 7pm/7.30pm/8pm/8.30pm
Venue: The Loft, QUT
Tickets: $29 (Conc.)/$39 (Adult)
Dress Code: Pyjamas

This project was supported by QUT and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.


What the critics had to say about Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre’s production of Zeitgeist (also directed by Lynne Bradley):

“This highly erotic and nightmarish fantasy is exactly what you’d imagine David Lynch and Trent Reznor to come up with over coffee and cake.” (DB Magazine, Adelaide)

“Like the German-based Russian company Derevo, the Australian-based company Zen Zen Zo draw their inspiration from Butoh, but take it towards Cabaret in places and beyond in both directions towards myth and fantasy to explore inner space through their manipulation of outer space and vice versa. This is raw, imperfectly perfect theatrical dance by a world-class company. Catch them when you can – you’re in for a rare treat. 5 Stars” (Leon Conrad – Broadway Baby) 

“If you didn’t know any better, you’d have though you were at a rave. In fact, I kept trying to compare Zeitgeist to other things I knew. Maybe it was like that party scene at Zion in the Matrix movie. Maybe it was a zombie scene from 28 Days later. Definitely with a hint of Tarantino. But, no, this play is in a class all its own. 5 Stars.” (Andy Hayes – The Edinburgh Guide) 

“Every performer from Brisbane’s awarded Zen Zen Zo is utterly committed to the strange, dreamlike world. It’s like David Lynch directing the Evolution of Man via Lars Von Trier’s The Idiots. The result is bizarre, funny, moving and disorientating but never boring. An edgy, gender-bending triumph. 5 Stars.” (Michael Harry – Adelaide Advertiser) 

Zeitgeist is as brave as performance gets… It certainly jolts one out of any mainstream theatrical complacency. Whatever you take away, you’ve had an experience.” (Olivia Stewart – The Courier Mail)

“From the moment they unfurl until the closing number, Zeitgeist is an emotional wonder of a production that feels like a dream… It is as accessible as it is beautiful.”( Mandy Kohler – Time Off Magazine)

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