Another Zen Zen Zo member goes to NIDA

Sarina BakkerCONGRATULATION to SARINA BAKKER who has just been accepted into NIDA!! Sarina has been training with Zen Zen Zo for the past couple of years in both the ACTOR’S DOJO & STOMPING GROUND. Sarina is a much valued and respected member of the Zen Zen Zo community – dedicated, hard-working, positive and fiercely committed to excellence and self-improvement. We wish her the very best in 2016 as the next phase of her exciting journey begins!

What was the original inspiration for you wanting to become an actor?

It was only in the last two or three years that I realised how much I love theatre and wanted to pursue it professionally. I have been extraordinarily fortunate to have had so many performance opportunities through the school I attended – introduced to Zen Zen Zo, travelling to New York for a Performing Arts Tour and the QLD Youth Shakespeare Festival with shake & stir theatre company.

What has been you greatest artistic influence to-date?

Shakespeare and the beautiful language in his writing. It is both an insight to human nature, and joy to perform!

What is your life motto?

“What must be shall be” (Romeo and Juliet: IV, i)

Which actor do you admire the most and why?

There isn’t an individual actor who I admire the most or aspire to be like – I admire anyone who is a storyteller.

How has your time training with Zen Zen Zo in the Youth Ensemble and Actor’s Dojo aided you as an actor/artist/person?

SO much! The training at Zen Zen Zo has been my grounding as an artist…metaphorically and physically. It stripped away what I was not, and gave me the ability to be shaped into who I am.

Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years?

 Creating art that makes people think and gives people hope. Perhaps performing in the Globe Theatre – but that may only happen a while down the track.


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